Services & Technologies

Argyll will successfully deliver its services, facilities and products to all clients and partners by optimising the use of all resources through strict project management control procedures.

Services and Technologies

Contract Research & Development: Environmental solutions, waste management, automotive, industrial and buildings information. Technology Consultancy. Thermofluids. Aerodynamics. Pollution, emissions and monitoring, Technology Transfer, CPD and specialist training programmes.

 IT Technologies: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD software). Computer Aided Engineering (CAE/FEA). Software development. Computer integrated manufacturing. Supply of engineering personnel.

Sensor Technologies: Emissions monitoring. Manufacturing: Concurrent and component engineering. Advanced Engineering and prototype manufacture.

Emissions: Emissions measurement.

Facilities and Laboratories

Energy Production from Waste Facilities.

Laboratories: Emissions, fuels and specialist. IT Facilities: CAD, FEA and CFD.

Argyll’s Distillation Systems

Customised stationary and mobile systems for different kinds of waste

• Capacity 6000 to 1,000,000 kg per day

• Solid, paste like, liquid and gaseous fuels

• Calorific value range 0 to 55 MJ/kg

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