Research and Development is a key part of the company’s operation.

Along with creating new products and adding to existing ones, investment in R&D also brings in partnerships with the university sector, including but not limited to student projects at undergraduate and postgraduate level and placement within the company.
The company is working with and developing relationships with the following Universities: Glasgow, Strathclyde, Stellenbosch SA and Wits. Members of Argyll Energy have Professorships with the University sector to promote R&D, student projects and talks to students.


Argyll Energy developed a new large-scale methodology to provide an international standard for waste treatment activities utilising Continuous Reductive Distillation technology. The wastes covered under this methodology are plastics, tyres, and biomass residues. The methodology was approved by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) under the Clean Development Mechanism, UNFCCC; AM012: Less carbon intensive power generation through continuous reductive distillation of waste. The methodology will be applied to the facility to establish how many carbon credits are being created by the company. Part of this is the monitoring of all gas and emissions from the ePower plant.