Argyll Energy is committed to minimising the impact of waste and encouraging sustainable practices.

The company won Greening the COP17: South Africa Clean Tech Competition Breakthrough Innovation for its early designs for a 12 tonne per day (TPD) plant for the conversion of end-of-life tyres (ELTs) to produce electricity, biogas and carbon char. These early designs have developed and are now in their third generation. Plants are modular in design and can accommodate a variety of feedstock such as ELTs, mixed plastics and other carbonous materials. The plants have the capability of running with zero emissions producing carbon black, eDiesel, green electricity and activated carbon.


All of us share a common vision that the air we breathe and the water we drink should be of the highest quality - free from harmful contamination and pollution.

This basic belief underpins the ethos of Argyll Energy – to design, develop and build fi rst class sustainable systems and processes that provide smart solutions from the global problem of waste. The disposal of waste has ranked alongside food, water and energy as one of the key challenges to mankind with the traditional solutions of dumping or burning no longer sustainable. Wastes contain valuable resources, for which recovery presents a global opportunity. Argyll Energy aims to generate “Green Energy” from these valuable resources.