Argyll Energy is a Glasgow based renewable, sustainable energy company committed to minimising carbon and producing green energy.

The company focuses on design and innovation in key areas: climate change, low carbon design, renewable energy, innovation, energy efficiency and net zero emissions.

Argyll Energy SA Plant

The company designed, developed and built a showcase ePower Production Facility in Holly Country, South Africa that recycles waste to produce quality products including carbon black, liquid fuels and/or synthetic gas to produce green electricity.

Argyll Energy’s process dramatically reduces emissions, creates jobs and supports local economies. The South African facility presents the plant design and capability, product profi les and proves economic viability. The company believes in striving for excellence and is working in partnership with its South African partner QPS to develop and manufacture a Zero Emission Continuous Inductive Reductive Distillation Plant.

The Corryvreckan Whirlpool

We are currently developing and updating patents for the use of Multi Axis Hydro Turbines, to capture renewable tidal energy for the production of hydrogen fuels.

We have an established UK wide Energy Performance Certification business that ensures clients have clear target emissions and energy savings for their property portfolios, enabling them to meet Section 63 of The Climate Change (Scotland) Act. The company works with owners on Greening Buildings programs and provides baselines from which to improve energy performance of existing buildings.

We help accelerate the adoption of Best Green Building Practices in existing and new buildings to develop a sustainable and green building economy, so we can all move towards a net zero future.

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